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Happy Sunday everyone :) What better way to enjoy this beautiful day than to read a fantastic interview with talented photographer Christopher Cameron. Enjoy :)

Tell me about your background as a photographer and how you got into the industry.
I'd been involved in all things photography and videography since I was a child, photographing everything from stage shows to the family dog. I was just drawn to cameras. I always said I had a horrible memory, so a camera was a tool to allow me to relive memories. I'd been obsessed for years! One day I went along to a past girlfriends fashion shoot and was blown away. The variables, the light, the cameras and the beauty of it all. I fell in love with the the process as I was fascinated by fashion photography, but my curiosity waned with it, keeping it all at a distance. Eventually another model I dated in the years to follow wasn't getting the support she needed to progress in the industry. I plunged into my savings, bought a dusty old Canon 7D and 50mm 1.4, and spent hours upon hours learning anything and everything I could to try to help her progress and follow her dream. I never took it seriously until we broke up - I thought I'd put the camera down and never pick it back up, but then I realised it was something I enjoyed more than anything, and I should pursue it. It's a very scattered story! But that's how it happened. 

How would you describe your style of photography and what makes your style of photography unique?
I'm not sure I have a style! I've had my work compared to the likes of Bruce Weber, Chris Colls and Steven Miesel, which is extremely flattering! Although I like to think that it's unique because I take it. It's my eye, and no one else's (except the team of course!). I like rich colours, dramatic poses, fierce eyes, unique locations etc. I have an exercise I do with every model before each shoot where I just stare at them for a few seconds, to analyse their face and their shapes. I've seen how others have photographed them, so I want to see how I see them, not how others do. I like to look at people for the potential they have to offer, not for what they look like in front of you. 

Tell me about your favourite photographer and why you like them?
I honestly don't have one! I love so many photographers for their unique characteristics in their shots. Whether its their angles, their colour use, how they portray the pieces, or even just their attitudes towards their craft. Anyone I feel I can learn from. 

Where have you travelled in the world for your work, and what was your favourite destination?
So far Hong Kong, Los Angeles and Bali internationally, and all around Australia locally, with a fair few more destinations already locked in this year. Hong Kong is easily my favourite place, as photographically it's an amazing city. So much culture mixed with modernism. For fashion, it's the international hub for this side of the world. Big brands, fantastic teams, and easily some of the most unique models I have seen.  

Have you ever worked with any well known models, shot for any well known brands/magazines/publications etc? 
I've worked with a few, but backed off very quickly from that scene. I made a pact with myself to do all that once I felt my work was the best of my ability, which is only now coming into fruition. I've always said 1 good photo is better than pumping out 1000 bad ones, as people will remember you for the bad ones. 

What advice would you give photographers trying to get into the industry?
Find a photographer whose work you find to be next level, and beg them to assist. Assist, assist and assist with as many high enough quality photographers as you can, learn what you can, then move on to your own work. Do NOT assist average photographers, you cannot progress that way. Have the right attitude, shoot as much as possible, and never compare yourself to others. 

What are some tips for models when they are in front of the camera, and what do you look for in a model?
Everyone probably says this, but I look for someone unique looking. I've met thousands of models over the years and I only remember the real stand-outs. I look for models that mesmerise you with their beauty, like a moth to a bright light. The tip I can give to models is know yourself. Know your body, and know your poses. Even if this means to pull out a stack of your favourite magazines and stand in front of a mirror practising your poses, it makes all the difference come shoot day. 

Tell me about a funny story on a shoot.
I once had a model dress down in baggy clothes and show up with an empty suit case to set one day, pretending she was the make up artist. She even began to set up the tables until the actual makeup artist arrived! She was fantastic. 

What are your future career aspirations?
To be content in what I'm doing. To work with some of the most talented brands and people in the world, and travel as much as possible for it. 

What are your goals for 2015?
Bigger and better. More campaigns, bigger clients, more travel. 

Peace & Love

Saturday, January 17, 2015


Hello!!! I'm so excited for you all to join me for 2015. I have so many great artists to introduce you to and I can't wait to share my interviews. First up for the year is the incredible Beth Mitchell. At just 23 years old this super talented lady is taking the photography world by storm. I hope you enjoy her interview :)

Tell me about your background as a photographer and how you got into the industry.

I got into photography because I love photographing beautiful things and I have a real passion for capturing things how no one else sees them. After lots of experimentation I got into shooting fashion with the thinking that I would progress into commercial photography. It took a bit of a different path however, as I discovered that I enjoyed creating ethereal art images, not just “fashion” images. Because of this, I have found myself with one foot in the art world and another in the fashion world. 

Models: Toni Peterson & Amie Casey
Hair & Makeup: Kellie McCallum
Outfits: Begitta
Photography: Beth Mitchell

How would you describe your style of photography and what makes your style of photography unique?

I describe myself as a fashion & underwater art photographer. Underwater is still a pretty unique niche, especially crazy whimsical fairytale scenes which are the type that I have found myself loving the most. There have been plenty of occasions where the underwater works have been confused as paintings, which is wonderful because obviously it can transport the viewer to a dream world. 

Photography: Beth Mitchell
Design & Styling: Begitta
Hair & Makeup: Kylie's Professional
Floral Arrangements: Julia Rose
Prop Styling: Moments in Vintage - Vintage Furniture & Decor Hire
Model: Brook Crompton Hunter Model Management

Have you ever worked with any well-known models or shot for any well known brands/magazines/publications? 

Along the way I have worked with some wonderful designers, models, and have been featured in some international and national publications which has been amazing. I don’t think I have bragging rights until something significant takes place. I am living in the hope that one day a beautiful musician such as Lana Del Rey (ultimate dream) finds little ol’ me in Australia and has me photograph her underwater. 

Photography: Beth Mitchell
Stylist: Tamzen Holland
Hair: Aleesha Darke
Makeup: Fiona Claire
Model: Jessica Feaver

Have you ever exhibited before and if so where? Also what advice would you give photographers looking to exhibit?

I have exhibited in some wonderful galleries around Australia, including group shows with other artists over the last few years. I have also been featured in art shows overseas in some wonderful places including London, Milan, Stockholm, Amsterdam and Hong Kong. It has been amazing to get that international exposure, and It is so exciting to imagine my artwork hanging across the world. Although I have some solo exhibitions and shows under my belt, I still feel like I am in the very early stages of breaking into the industry and still have many more goals I would like to achieve. 

My advise to photographers wanting to break into the art scene is patience and persistence. If your work has a market keep searching for it. The biggest thing with photographic art is (especially in Australia) some galleries or art lovers are still in the first stages of accepting photography amongst traditional artwork. Don’t be let down when you hit some brick walls, they are everywhere BUT keep looking for the way forward. 

Photography: Beth Mitchell
Couture: Begitta
Hair/Makeup: Kylie's Professional
Model: Brook Crompton @ Dallys Models

What advice would you give photographers trying to get into the industry?

Find your thing, the thing that makes you stand out. Work hard to get work in your folio. I am constantly doing folio work and will continue to do so, as this is what sells your work. 

Photographer: Beth Michell
Garment Design: Begitta
Hair/Makeup: Kylie's Professional
Model: Brooke Jamieson

What are your future career aspirations and what are your goals for 2015?

For early 2015 I will be working on some new underwater artwork for exhibition this year. Aside from that I will also be focusing on my fashion work, which I do love bringing my style to. 

In terms of career, I hope eventually I will be permanently represented internationally and would love to travel for my fashion work. It would be wonderful to not be tied down to one city or home because life is short, and to be able to see the world and do what you love would be incredible. 

Photographer: Beth Mitchell
Garment Design: Begitta
Hair/Makeup: Kylie's Professional
Model: Brook Jamieson

Photographer: Beth Mitchell
Garment Design: Begitta
Hair/Makeup: Kylie's Professional
Model: Brooke Jamieson

Photographer: Beth Mitchell
Garment Design: Begitta
Hair/Makeup: Kylie's Professional
Model: Brooke Jamieson

Model: Hannah Wagner
Makeup: Fiona Claire
Hair stylist: Hannah Wright
Stylist: Danni Nicole
Photographer: Beth Mitchell

Photographer: Beth Mitchell
Stylist: Kimberly Louise
Makeup Aritst: Carla Sakrzewski
Hair: Reichen Hodson
Model: Eliza Baker

Photographer: Beth Mitchell
Styling: Lomani
Hair/Makeup: Megan Joy
Model: Bridie Browne @ Tamblyn's

Photographer: Beth Mitchell
Styling: Lomani
Hair/Makeup: Megan Joy
Model: Bridie Browne @ Tamblyn's

Check out more of Beth's work at
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Wednesday, October 8, 2014

Aimee Stoddart - Photographer

Tell me about your background as a photographer and how you got into the industry?
I was in Malaysia around five years ago with my boyfriend when he bought me my first DSLR. He knew how much I loved taking photos and I guess he saw my potential? A lot of my friends are babes/makeup artists so I would take photos of them for fun, and never really thought anything of it until people started contacting me to work with them, and I haven't really looked back. 
How would you describe your style of photography?
Style... eeep! I don't really think I have a style. I have 1000 different personalities and my likes are forever changing so my work is forever changing. I like it, I don't get bored. The one thing that has never changed is my love for gritty black and whites. 
Have you ever worked with any well known models or shot for any well known brands? 
I guess so! I've been pretty blessed to meet and collaborate with the people I have. Saying that, they're only really known in the industry, if I ever name dropped most people would draw a blank.  
I always see models I know in ads on TV or in the front of the shop window, but I'm not sure if anyone actually knows who they are. 
TV well known - Andreas Brunnhage who's really well known in Europe, Sarah Tilleke and Britt Blanchard from The Face,  Kiyomi Vella from The Voice, and Isabelle Faith, Zhoe Trotter & April Harvey from Top Model.
I don't really shoot lookbooks although I worked with Princess Polly quite a lot when I lived in Brisbane, and also some super amazing designers have been included in my editorials.
What advice would you give photographers trying to get into the industry?
Work hard, network like crazy, and don't give up. I'm not going to lie, it's hard! Most days you just want to give up, but it is totally worth it. 
Instagram and Facebook are great to promote yourself, you are after all your brand. 
What are some tips for models when they are in front of the camera?
You have to love it, if you're not loving what you're doing it does show. Have fun with it, show your personality, read the brief and look at the moodboard! Get to know your body and face so you know what works for you. 
Tell me about a funny story on a shoot.
Hahaha I'm in hysterics trying to choose one. I was shooting and not paying attention to my surroundings. I decided to sit down to get the right shot and sat on a plate of cupcakes, I was wearing white too! Or that time we were at a farm and a goat chased myself and the two models around and ended up ramming one of the models (Lauren Moody)..ok I guess that's not so funny but it was after we realised she was ok. 
What are your future career aspirations?
I'd love to be able to travel more and get my travel work published in some really cool magazines. I'd love my fashion editorials to be in Oyster & Yen. Oh and I'd actually really like to start a vlog (kind of photography career related). 
Thanks so much for asking to interview me n__n

Model - Shelby Bourke 
Makeup - Bec Fiedler 
Stylist - Tamzen Holland

Model - Sarah Tilleke (Viviens)
Makeup - Jess Chapman
Stylist - Olivia Frankowski

Model - Sarah Tilleke (Viviens)
Makeup - Jess Chapman
Stylist - Olivia Frankowski

Model - Merille Raagas (Priscillas)
Makeup - Bec Fiedler
Stylist - Olivia Frankowski

 Model - Rob (The London)
 Stylist - Blake Sutherland

 Love this photo of Aimee in Japan!

 The beautiful lady herself

Aimee with her crew from left to right - Andreas Brunnhage, Aimee, Briana Wall & Maree Spagnol

Peace & Love

Tuesday, September 30, 2014

Megan Joy - Hair Stylist

Welcome back ladies and gents! After a slight hiatus I bring you an interview with the multi talented Megan Joy aka Megan Francis. Whether she is working her magic on some divine hairstyle or doing makeup for a shoot, you can be ensured she will only produce pure perfection. 

Tell us a bit about your creative background.

I started hairdressing when I was still in high school at age 15, however it wasn’t until I was 17 that I started getting into fashion and session styling. I did my research and then spent weeks repeatedly calling every modelling agency in Brisbane until I landed my first shoot working with Katerina Emmanuel! Since then I’ve done a lot of networking and filled any spare time I had doing hair for Photoshoots! Down the track I decided it was time to expand my skill set and study makeup. I completed a cert 2 at the Academy of Makeup in 2012. My first work experience after studying was doing makeup on set of a music video for a band called ‘Tourism’. I’ve done a lot more work with film since, and also worked with a lot of local bands doing hair and makeup for gigs. I’ve done work with young designers doing hair and makeup for lookbooks as well. 

What are some tips for makeup artists wanting to work in the fashion industry?

I’m a big believer in the structure and foundation of everything. I think that taking the extra 5 minutes to set hair with rollers, and spending extra time to make sure the makeup is perfect, is so SO important and worth it in the long run. I think people can be attracted more so to the quicker way of doing things, which is fine and practical depending what it is for, but from my experience, I can see the difference between the two. When I go back and make sure everything is right from start to finish vs times when I've taken the quicker option, the first option always looks better. 

What are your career aspirations?

Move to London, work in fashion, and possibly further my studies at the College of fashion and design in London. I’d also love to work on fashion week and definitely get work in the magazine and movie industries over there.

If you could work with anyone who would it be?

I am a fan girl infatuated with Cara Delevingne, she is my absolute favourite and I think she would be hilarious to work with. I would also love to pick the brain of Linda Flower, the mastermind behind all the cool hair and wigs for the Hunger Games movies, I was so inspired! 

 Photography: Beth Mitchell Photography
Stylist: Lomani (Watson Lomani) 
Hair/Makeup: Megan Francis
Model: Isabelle Faith
Hair - Megan Francis

Frock Paper Scissors Magazine
Fashion Editor - Karolina Giermanski
Photography - Eliana White
Styling - Emily Kirk / Karolina Giermanski
Make-up - Ven Beauty
Hair - Megan Francis 
Model - Esther @ Vivien's

Photographer - Glen Krohn
Hair - Megan Francis
Mua - Tracie Weaver
Stylist - Ashleigh Kelly
Model - Britt Blanchard @ Viviens

The lovely lady herself hard at work on model and artist Moofy

Check out more of Megans work here... 

Peace & Love

Tuesday, July 29, 2014

Carlos Mangubat - Stylist

Happy Wednesday everyone :) Today I'm excited to bring you an interview with the extremely dapper Carlos Mangubat. Stylist extraordinaire, this gentleman knows his fashion! Read below for some great insight and fabulous photos. :)  

Tell me about your background as a stylist and how you got into the industry?
I have a fashion degree from RMIT and in the beginning I wanted to be a trend forecaster, but after volunteering at fashion week I decided I loved the idea of styling much more, and in 2009 I decided to pursue this as a career.  

What fashion photographers have you worked with, and in the future what fashion photographers would you love to work with?
I have worked with some great photographers in the last few years. Emily Abay, Ed Purnomo, Nicole Corbett, James Pipino, Bernard Gueit, Ziga Mihelcic, Tintin Hedberg, Daniel Archer, Ben Clement, Sam Bisso, Christian Blanchard and Fiona Storey just to name a few. I would love to work with photographers Steven Chee, Georges Antoni, Chris Colls, and pretty much everyone at the Artist Group Agency. 

What are your favourite brands to work with?
Some of my clients and favourite brands are Jack London, Alannah Hill, Bell & Barnett, Dom Bagnato, Dangerfield, and FME Apparel 

What do you look for when sourcing outfits?
The clients brief really determines what I source. However, I do like to support independent and up and coming labels, as well as student work. 

How would you describe your own personal style?
My personal style changes, but mostly I'm preppy. I try to mix it around with my casual wear, but the majority of the time I wear preppy attire. 

Tell me about something funny that has happened on a shoot?
One time I accidentally clipped a model's skin to a garment and she was too polite to tell me.. Oopsy

What inspires you?
Of course I look towards high end fashion, but everyday people and street style is more inspiring, especially students. When you have less access to trend oriented clothing, you have to create something yourself, and that's what I find is on the street. Personal style reflecting current trends, as well as people starting their own trends. 

What advice would you give 'up and coming' stylists?
I would suggest to start off assisting. Build contacts and networks, and shoot as much as you can to build your book, with as many different people as you can.
Once you have found your style, work on the craft to refine it and make a name for yourself. 

What are some tips when styling models?
Go with your gut instincts, if you think a garment won't fit, it probably won’t! Also, commit to your style decisions. A good model can work with any outfit

What are your future career aspirations?
I would love to eventually be an editor of a men's publication, or perhaps even start my own! 

Photographer - Emily Abay
Stylist - Carlos Mangubat

Photographer - Sam Bisso
Stylist - Carlos Mangubat
Hair - Carl Reeves
Grooming - Victoria Martin
Style Assistant - Lucy Cooke
Model - Paul Tockuss

Photographer - Karla Majnaric
Stylist - Carlos Mangubat
MUP - Shella Martin
Model - Camille

Photographer - Ziga Mihelcic 
Stylist - Carlos Mangubat
Hair & MUP - Monica Gingold
Style Assistant - Chloe Naughton & Ross McCallum
Photo Assistant - Wanda Chin   

Photographer - Richard Ibrahim
Stylist - Carlos Mangubat

Photographer - Karla Majnaric
Stylist - Carlos Mangubat
MUP - Caroline Massola
Hair - Caterina di Biase
Model - Nikita

Photographer - Nicole Corbett
Stylist - Carlos Mangubat
MUP - Sue Marshall
Model - Chelsea Scanlan
Photo Assistant - Katerina Anna
Style Assistant - Bri Hill

Peace & Love

Monday, July 21, 2014


I hope everyone has had a wonderful start to their week. I'm bringing you a very special interview this week with model Zhoe Trotter. I'm proud to say that I was the very first photographer she ever worked with!! I could tell back then from her professionalism and ease in front of the camera that she would go on to great things! She's currently in India on a three month contract. Check out her travel blog and read her interview below :) 

Tell me about your background as a model, and the various campaigns you have done.
In 2011 When I was 17 I tried out for Australia’s next top model. Although I didn’t make it through the first stage of auditions, I was really determined to get my foot in the door and get signed. I didn’t know of many modelling agencies in Brisbane back then, but after many nights searching, I found Viviens, Dallys and Chic. I sent through my photos, which were mostly just really terrible selfies or photos of me on our back porch (I'd try to make them look as close to a real photo shoot as possible). They are actually quite funny when I look back on them now. Every time I opened my emails I would find rejection letter after rejection letter, but I was determined to get signed! I kept sending new photos through every single week for four months before I got contacted by Viviens in Brisbane. They put me on their ‘in development’ board, and then in Novemeber that year after my first test shoot they signed me onto their main board. I spent about a year and a half with Viviens before I decided to try out for ANTM again, which meant I had to leave the agency. I made it all the way through to the top 50 in Sydney where they held bootcamp, and was sent home when they picked the top 15. Six months after coming home from Sydney I was signed to Que and am still with them now. 
I worked with the Mens fashion brand Vanguard in their Autumn Campaign in 2012, Universal’s online store 2013, Nancy King Spring/Summer 14/15 collection, Amira Summer 12/13 collection, Liberte Apartments at Kangaroo Point 2014 Campaign, Editorial for Frock Paper Scissors 2012, Cover of Australian Times 2014, feature on Italian Vouge 2014.

What are some tips for other models wanting to break into the fashion industry?
Don’t take things personally! This industry can be so brutal sometimes. If they tell you they’re looking for a girl with longer legs, or different coloured eyes, it doesn’t mean you’re ugly, or you’re too short, it just means that they’re after a different look. There are jobs out there where you would probably fit the description perfectly, it’s just unfortunate that it’s not going to be like that every time. Secondly, don’t expect everything to happen immediately. I’ve been in this industry for about three years now, and have only just received my first overseas contract. Don’t expect to be signed one week and off to Paris the next. To be honest I find the longer it takes, the more you appreciate it, and feel like you have worked hard for it.

How would you describe your personal style?
My style is constantly changing, it depends on how I’m feeling that day, and on what I’m doing. I really am one of those girls that loves to wear their sweat pants, hair in a pony tail, and no makeup. It’s such an effort to dress up all the time, and as long as I’m comfortable and feel good, that’s all that matters.

If you could choose to be the face of any brand, which brand would you choose?
Versace, hands down!

What fashion photographers have you worked with, and if you could choose any fashion photographer to work with, who would it be?
I have had the chance to work with some of Brisbane’s greatest photographers, and I am so blessed and grateful to have had that chance. I worked with you for my first ever photo shoot, and have also worked with Aimee Stoddart, Yazzi Williams, Katriena Emmanuel, Ian Chang, Andrea Jankovic, Victoria Aguirre, Amanda Shadforth (who is the creator of Oracle Fox blog) and so many more! If given the opportunity, I would love to work with Steven Meisel. 

What are your career aspirations? 
I would really love to stay in the industry for the rest of my life! I would eventually like to settle down, get married, and start a family, but that won’t be happening for a very long time. Once I do get to that stage in my life, I would really love to start working at an agency as a booker. I am really interested in learning that side of the industry, and hopefully I will get the chance to do that.

How do you stay fit and healthy?
I absolutely love my food! Indian, Mexican, Italian, EVERYTHINNNGGG!!! I use to put on a lot of weight really quickly, and it has only been this year that I have learnt to still be able to eat all of the foods I love, and keep my measurements down. I do this by watching my portions. I don’t have my license yet, so I catch a lot of public transport. Everything that is in walking distance I walk to. I love my fruits and vegetables, and I personally think I make a pretty wicked chicken salad. I don’t really go out of my way to do too much structured exercise because I find that I lose motivation quicker doing it that way. Everywhere I go involves me having to either walk there, or walk a part of the way. People have this false idea that all models either live on lettuce leafs or live in the gym. They would be surprised to know that it’s not like that, we eat healthy, but we love our carbs just as much as the next person.

What is your hidden talent?
I love to write! It is honestly one of my favourite things to do. While I’m away in India for three months, I am starting a blog so all of my friends, family, and whoever else stumbles across it, can read about all the adventures I will have whilst I am over there. 

Favourite place that you’ve travelled to and why?
I actually haven’t been overseas yet, India will be my first time overseas which is really exciting. My dad used to take my friend and I camping when I was young. I must have been about 11 or 12, and we would go with our family friends to a place called Double Island. Even now it’s still one of my favourite places. It’s so beautiful you can actually camp on the beach, and there were these really big cliffs you could climb nestled right behind our camp site. We made one of them into a slide. Looking back it was actually pretty dangerous and explains all the cuts and bruises I walked away! Kids are like that, they think they’re invincible… well I did at least haha!

Image from Zhoe's very first shoot!
Photographer: me!!
Stylist: me again ;)
MUA: Leanne Tucker

Photographer: Natalie Mckain
Stylist: Natalie Mckain
MUA: Nikki Matthews

Photographer: Victoria Aguirre
Stylist: Victoria Aguirre

Photographer: Aimee Stoddart
Stylist: Aimee Stoddart
MUA: Rebeckah Wurzbacher

Stylist and MUA: Thu Nguyen

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